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The following law groups are known to our law firm to handle matters related to criminal or immigration law outside the state of California. The Sigal Law Group does not endorse these companies in any way, the links are provided as a general guide and service to people looking for legal counseling outside the state of California.


Jim Forslund & Gary Pareja – Are two very experienced criminal defense lawyers from Colorado with an affinity for DUI cases.

The Law Office Of Doug Richards,, is a led Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer who is a former federal prosecutur that works with clients on State and Federal Crimes, including Homicide Defense, Fraud Defense and Drug Charges.


Jacksonville Attorney – Graham Syfert – focuses on defending the people of Florida, under the constitution, and the laws of the state.

Denise Rappaport Isaacs is a former President of the Palm Beach County Bar Association and a Coral Springs Fl Divorce Attorney with over 30 years of experience.


The Law Offices of Jason Chan


DUI Attorneys in Grand Rapids MI

New York

The Orlow Firm are Brooklyn NY Construction Accident Lawyers that work with construction workers to recover for injuries from construction site accidents including scaffolding and crane accidents. The NYC based law firm offers free consultations.


Adam Burke is criminal defense lawyer from Ohio, aggressively defending clients charged with serious felony and misdemeanor offenses.


Timothy Bowman is a respected criminal defense attorney in Portland Oregon. He got his license in 1977 and has been successfully representing clients for the past 35 years.